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Busy Bees Preschool Center, Inc.  Offers early education and care services to children ranging in ages from 2 months to 5 years old.

Busy Bees has been licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 1975, and is NAEYC accredited through November 2017.


The Center offers full-day and partial week (year round), Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Busy Bees offers (USDA) breakfast, lunch, and snack at no cost to families.

Languages spoken at Busy Bees include English and Spanish.

Busy Bees develops curriculum using MA Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences (linked to MA Curriculum Frameworks) in the framework of Creative Curriculum®, and conferences with families using the CreativeCurriculum.net assessment tool.


Maria Inmaculada Paulino, A.S.
Position: Proprietor/Director/Lead teacher
Education & experience: B.S. in Early Childhood
The CAYL Institute, Fellow, 2004 – 2015
MAEYC, member, 1998
MAECEU, member, 2008 – present,
Historical Society, 2010 – 2013
St. Francis of Assisi, Fitchburg, MA, President of Parish Community Activities, 2014 – 2015
MRTVHS, Field Placement Site, Supervisor, 2012 – present
MWECE, Field Placement Site, Supervisor, 2013 – present
Chamber of Commerce, member, 2006 – present
Languages spoken: Spanish/English
Interests &Hobbies:  Interior Design, Fashion Design, Language Studies, Cultural Studies
Why I choose to work with young children:  I believe that children are the caretakers of our future.  Instilling them now with the skills, confidence, and compassion can equip them to influence the world as they grow.

I started working at Busy Bees Preschool center in July of 1998 as an Assistant Teacher and the following year finished my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education at Mount Wachusett Community College.  I achieved DEEC Director II status in 2000. 

In 2004 I joined the Schott Fellowship, which researches the needs of preschool children and their families to see what the challenges are that families face and how early childhood professionals can serve and better assist them.  As a Fellow, I am exercising my skills as a leader on the local level, advocating for the needs of the families and young children in our community.
In 2005 I made the decision to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Education at Fitchburg State College and several months later purchased the center.  While continuing work on my Bachelor’s Degree, I have been transitioning the ownership aspect of the center, and at the same time, successfully achieved NAEYC accreditation for the Center through 2017.
I believe strongly that we need to invest in our children who are the emerging leaders of our future.    Each child brings a new opportunity to enhance our world now and in the future.

Cecile Tousignant, M.S.
Position: Consultant/Trainer/Coach DBA Child Tools Consulting
Education: Universite de Moncton (’71), B.A. (sociologie/economie), Wheelock College (’91), M.S. (child development/early education). I believe learning is a life-long journey.
Experience: Busy Bees Preschool Center was a start-up business which I began in 1975 while my own children were still young. I have been teaching Director for 27 years, and continue as Director, having sold the business to Maria in 2006. I have taught early childhood community colleges courses, workshops, and teacher and parent training. My strong leadership skills keep me involved with colleagues and peers, advocating for unmet needs in our field. Memberships: NAEYC, MAEYC board, Fitchburg ECAC board, Chamber of Commerce.
Languages spoken: English, French and some Spanish
Interests & Hobbies: I enjoy research on policy and the ever growing research on child growth and development. I strongly advocate for early care and education on the local, state and national levels. I believe learning is a life-long journey for both adults and children. I especially delight in observing children from infancy onward along the developmental continuum. I enjoy chorale, theatre, and symphony performances; reading and writing, chorale singing, walking, baking and cooking, Scrabble, crosswords, and Sudoku.
Why I choose to work with young children: I am passionate and ever enthusiastic about child development and early education and care. I have a talent and intuition with young children, and consider myself blessed to work with young children and their families. This light in my life burns brightly still.

Sara Angelini, A.A.
Position: Assistant Director, Lead Infant/ Toddler Teacher
Education: Graduated from Clinton High School ('98), Mount Wachusett Community College ('11) A.A., (Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education). I am currently attending Fitchburg State University working toward by Bachelor's Degree with the hopes of graduating in May 2015.
Experience: I started working in the field 14 years ago as a toddler assistant teacher. I moved my way up to Teacher, Lead Teacher, and eventually Director II. I have worked with children from infancy all the way thru school aged and I ran a successful home day care program here in Fitchburg for 2 years until the hard economic times forced me to close in 2010. Memberships: NAEYC through the MAEYC.
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Interests &Hobbies: I love reading and learning new things. I believe we never stop learning and that each day has something wonderful to offer. My family and I enjoy camping and going to the beach. I have volunteered as a Girl Scout Leader for 5 year and I have also coached soccer for Fitchburg Youth Soccer for 2 seasons. I am passionate about teaching children and allowing them to learn and explore the world around them.
Why I choose to work with young children: I have always know that I wanted to work with children, even as a child myself! I would set up classrooms and give out progress reports. I believe that children need a solid foundation on which to grow and learn, while having supportive, nurturing people at their sides. There is nothing more powerful than watching the face of a child that has just figured out how to accomplish something that has been difficult for him or her to master! I enjoy being able to partake in their development and work as a team player with parents. I have a solid background in early childhood education and feel fulfilled when I can apply my skills to help a child learn and grow into a well-rounded, confident, and independent preschooler. My goal is to not only partake in the child's development but also assist the parents / families with questions or concerns about their child's developmental needs.

Barbara Paradise, B.S.
Position: Preschool Teacher with 2.9 yrs to 4 yrs old
Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Fitchburg State University.
Experience: I have worked as a preschool teacher with 2.9 yrs to 4 yr olds for nineteen years.
Languages spoken: English
Interests &Hobbies: I live in a solar house that I designed and built with my husband. I enjoy nature walks and preserving the environment. I do yoga and meditation. I am an avid gourmet cook and love watching cook shows in my new kitchen. I also love to sew to create new clothes, pillows and curtains.
Why I choose to work with young children: I loved the experience when my children were three years old. I was fascinated by their explorations of their environment. I believe each child has the ability to emotionally, socially and physically achieve their full growth potential in an enriched setting. A child that can solve problems and empathize with their peers will be able to meet the challenges in their future. I am skilled at facilitating this growth in children. I believe each child develops at their own pace. I enjoy working as a team with parents contributing to the growth in their child. I am open to helping families with their concerns and questions about their child’s progress in their life journey.

Busy Bees Advantages


What makes us so special?

Experience is an asset. This center has offered quality programs to young children and their families since 1975. Visit www.qualitychildcare.org and www.naeyc.org to verify.

Staff Development is basic to ensuring high standards of early education and care. We stay on top of current research and advocate for young children. Center staff generally logs 100+ hours of training, exceeding the DEEC annual minimum requirement of 20 hours. Ask staff.

Quality EARLY EDUCATION and CARE takes thoughtful planning time. The Center closes at 2:30 p.m., the first Wednesday of each month for staff to consult around children and their families, program, and activities.

Parents are included in curriculum design, as special visitors, “junk” donators, or through fall/spring surveys, semi-annual parent socials, and frequent, on-going communication. Ask a parent!

NAEYC Accreditation through 2017. Busy Bees was FIRST (!) in North Worcester County in 1993 to be accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Call 1-800-424-2460.

10-12 FIELD TRIPS are planned annually to support the weekly (or bi-weekly) studies.

We enjoy a private location, with indoor and outdoor space especially designed for children to learn and grow. Our playground is TOP-OF-THE-LINE, lauded by national, regional, and local early childhood leaders.

Our CACFP Food Program follows USDA guidelines, with variety and appeal to young appetites, offering BREAKFAST, LUNCH, and SNACK, cost-free.

Second Language Learning. The children are exposed to 2nd language learning on a daily basis. We value this as well as the sharing of other cultures. Ask a child.

Resources/Referrals. We have long collaborated with other community resources, including the City of Fitchburg, Fitchburg Public (and other) Schools, Child Care Resources, Community Partnerships for Children, Civic Days, Leominster Multi-Service Center, the Salvation Army, North Central Chamber of Commerce, MOC Head Start, American Red Cross and others. This broad range offers more informed networking opportunities for our families.


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“Our Family is very happy with Busy Bees. The teachers are loving and all understand how exciting even small events can be in a child, celebrating them with enthusiasm, my son loves his Busy Bees family and his little brother can’t wait until he is old enough to attend.”

-Nancy and Murray Kidd

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